PronCoin (PRON)
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Market Cap Price
837.437.789 GROSH 915.1162708878 GROSH
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About PronCoin

PronCoin was created to give it's value based on success of own and other projects in adult industry that uses PronCoin liquidity pool.

PronCoin Cryptocurrency

PronCoin advisors with years of experiences in the online adult industry, have seen and done pretty much everything and been quite successful at it. Some have been the innovators and changers at various times over the past decades. Now they become partners with programmers and techs from the blockchain arena. Our purpose is promotion of a CRYPTO CURRENCY that will change the way that people view porn online and will also give regular people a way to anonymously participate in industry that creates billions of dollars on porn each year. PronCoin Tokens are issued on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC20 Token. After successfully established partnership with GetOn, all available funds collected at PronCoin Token Sale period were used to purchase tokens from an open market and inject them into the Liquidity Pool. Undistributed tokens were permanently burnt.

Liquidity Pool

Tokens from PronCoin's Liquidity Pool represents so called Available Circulating Supply and are intended to support evolution of PronCoin basic idea, provide the trading liquidity using the GetOn's Dynamic Price Modeling Concept and at the same time give investors the opportunity to participate at future sales of remaining Available Circulating Supply. According to the algorithm on the PronWold platform, specified actions from platform's respectable users triggers transfers from Supportive Supply - the rewarding supply, to Circulating Supply. Such user actions preferably include invitations of new members, uploading contents and watching of a published material - hence the slogan "Earn by Watch".

Deflationary Currency

At the beginning of presale, PronCon Team has issued the final quantity of tokens which was 6,900,000,000 of PRON's, initially intended to be used for development. On January 2019, PronCoin project has established the partnership with GetOn, and beta version of PronWorld has been upgraded with Dynamic Price Modeling Concept and users starts receiving rewards for inviting, uploading and watching content. According to actions the price of token and number of registered users has raised exponentially. The Dynamic Price Modeling Concept implemented into PronWorld platform prevents irrational rise of crypto-token price and, more importantly, fall its price to an unreasonable value. The intensity of DPMC algorithm is aligned by the actual sales of premium content. Because PronWorld Blockchain Corporation is constantly buying PronCoin tokens on market and burning them to keep market capitalisation at level of 69.000.000,00 GROSH.

PronWorld Project

PronWorld is a pioneer in using adult tube platform with crypto currency and first that success- fully integrated both worlds. We're the only ones that pays EVERY REGISTERED user for their inter- actions on the site. The more you interact with PronWorld, the more you can earn. Your earning potential is limitless. Please check our Learning School on how to earn with us and how it works.

IT'S FREE is a free tool, where everyone get rewarded in PronCoins with their actions on the site. It's a unique and new way of making money in adult industry!


Upload your own "user content created" videos or if you have a license to videos, upload them and get rewarded in PronCoins from registered users views.


Share is a simple tool, where everyone gets rewarded with PronCoins by sending traffic to our site. For each unique visitor you sent through your ID, you will be rewarded!


Registered users gets rewarded in PronCoins for watching videos and pictures uploaded by users, producers, models, amateurs...


Invite others to register with and you will be rewarded if they become part of our family and also you get rewarded from their actions on our site!


Sell your PREMIUM content on our site easy by the price you set. There is a small fee we take for hosting your videos and pictures.


All transactions are quick and reliable payments with immutable and transparent transaction history.